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So. Once upon a time (last summer) we had this idea of doing races over the internet (just like our microraces), but with real cars this time. Those small QSteers have done their job, now we need something bigg
  The virt2real microcontroller, or virturilka, is a miniature board for creation of WiFi or internet controllable smart devices. The board boast unique features, including tiny sizes, easy connections for any
We didn't yet collected all information about this project in a single article. You can find latest news in G0l's blog here: http://www.g0l.ru/blog/tags/%D1%82%D0%B0%D0%BD%D0%BA  
More details can be found here - http://www.g0l.ru/blog/n3241
Objective - to make a manipulator remotely controllable over the internet. There were almost no problems with software and electronics, but mechanics proved to be troublesome. There are simply no relatively che
We stumbled upon the Киберзона (Cyberzone) club by pure accident, while looking up something on Roboforum. The driving tank robots impressed us so much that we thought straight away we should propose remote con
In 2011 we wanted to check whether it was possible to remote control a physical object over the internet in real time, so we set up a project racing radio controlled microcars ovether the internet. The cars are
With this camera began the obsession with the idea of controlling real objects through the internet. The implementation is extremely simple, but for the sake of history let this article be...   When I first saw