Robot wars

We stumbled upon the Киберзона (Cyberzone) club by pure accident, while looking up something on Roboforum. The driving tank robots impressed us so much that we thought straight away we should propose remote control over the internet. So that people could control a robot in the club whie sitting at home by their PC. The club's crew approved of the idea, and cooperation started.

I already published an article about Robot wars on Habrahabr, so I won't copy it here. We've already tried controlling in test mode - they can be controlled quite allright. There is, of course, some lag, but it's not critical - on can perfectly manage to dodge obstacles on the track at full speed. Currently, the robots' hardware base is being finalised, hit count and many other interesting features are being implemented. As soon as we have a finalised version we will test full-fledges contolling of several robots at once.
More info on robots can be found in this blog:робовойны

Here are some videos with robots: