О проекте

virt2real ltd 
Moscow, Russia

Eugene [Realizator] 
Telegram: @eugene_realizator
Segrey [G0l] 


Alexander  [Shadow]


Maxim [booter]


Brief project history
All team members are enthusiasts, experienced in hardware and software development.

All of us have technical education (Eugene, Alexander - graduated from MIPT, Faculty of Radioengineering and Cybernetics, Alexander is PhD; Sergey, Maxim - Tula's State Univercity, Faculty of Technical Cybernetics)


2010 November: Sergey G0l creates internet-controlled web-camera project.

2010 December: Sergey meets Eugene, buying in his e-shop mikrogonki.ru several remote microcars, and make'em controlled  via mobile phone 

2011 May: First cooperated project - racing on a real microcars through internet  

2011 June: Idea to create our own microcontroller appears. Alexander joined a team as a hardware developer.

2012 April: We received first 10 prototypes of our board. Hardware tests and software development has been started.

2012 October: We posted our first article about virt2real, under funny name "veertooreelka@ (Russian)

2012 December: We attempted to count, how many people want to buy our device. We creates a landing-page and start pre-order campaign (witout pre-pay). Here is English version. Only Russian pre-order campaign was started. It was received about 2000 pre-orders. Press articles.

2013 March: "Bond Car" project was published. It was lot of articles in Russia and in foreign countries (Wired, Topgear, PlayBoy etc.)

2013 June:  We start crouwfunding project and first batch of 100 pcs production.

2013 August: First batch arrived to Russia. And we start controller delivery to our users.

2013 September:  Community portals wiki.virt2real.ru and forum.virt2real.ru

2014 May: Succesful internet drive and fly over 600 km and 7150 km.

2015 April: ChiefPilot FPV solution 

2015 July: LostDrones project for help to find "fly-away" drones

2016 January: StereoPi V1 released

2016 December: cosmostreamer project (hack DJI videolinks)

2017 November: stereopi V2 released